SFWB Buyers Guide

Company Information:


FOODesign Inc.


29103 S.W. Kinsman Rd.
P.O. Box 2449
Wilsonville, OR 97070


(503) 685-5030


(503) 685-5034






Daniel Luna

Company Profile:

FOODesign specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial cooking/baking equipment, coating/seasoning equipment, food grade conveyors and cooling equipment. Including Cryo-Jet cooling units, Air-Jet impingement ovens, Dura-Cook meat and poultry cookers, Immerso-Cook continuous fryers and other specialty cooking equipment. Quik-Coat coating equipment includes coating drums, dry ingredient dispensers, topping units, liquid applicators, slurry applicators and batter/breading equipment.



  • Breading Equipment
  • Coaters
  • Coating Tumblers
  • Conveyors Belt
  • Conveyors Bucket
  • Conveyors Mesh
  • Conveyors Plastic
  • Conveyors Spiral
  • Conveyors Vertical
  • Conveyors Vibrating
  • Conveyors Wire Mesh
  • Cookers or Fryers Corn Chip
  • Cookers or Fryers Kettle-Style, Batch
  • Cookers or Fryers Other Snacks
  • Cookers or Fryers Potato Chip
  • Cooling Equipment Cooling Tunnels
  • Corn Chip Equipment
  • Finishing Equipment
  • Finishing Equipment Dry Coating Machines, Sugar, Nuts, etc.
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Corn Chip
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Fried Corn Puff
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Fried Pie
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Manual Fryers
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Pork Rind
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Potato Chip
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Tortilla Chip
  • Fryers & Frying Equipment Tostada
  • Machinery Nut Processing For Edible Peanuts
  • Machinery Peanut
  • Make Up Equipment, Specialty (Tortilla Shell, Pizza Crust, etc.)
  • Nut Processing Equipment Blanchers
  • Nut Processing Equipment Roasters
  • Ovens, Volume Production Conveyorized
  • Ovens, Volume Production Deck
  • Ovens, Volume Production Tunnel
  • Ovens Continuous
  • Ovens Food Processing
  • Ovens Gas Fired
  • Ovens Impingement
  • Ovens Tunnel
  • Potato Chip Equipment
  • Potato Hoppers
  • Salter-Seasoner Units
  • Sheeters & Sheeter Heads Sheeter/Moulder
  • Sheeters & Sheeter Heads Sheeter Head
  • Tortilla Chip Equipment
  • Tortilla Equipment

SFWB Buyers Guide